We Will Have 100 Degree Heat Into Next Week

9:00 AM, Jun 30, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro--During most weekends, we are all eager to spend time out doors. This weekend that is not such a good idea as the heat wave continues.

The heat started building over the Plains last week. It has moved to the East Coast. Although we will be able to trim off a few degrees through next week, above normal temperatures are here at least through next week.

Yesterday's high of 102 set a new record high temperature. The old record, which had stood for 118 years was 100 set in 1894. Today's record is 101 set in 1959.  It will fall if the temperature reaches 102 at PTIA.

During a heat wave, it is more important to focus on the heat index, or what it feels like when you factor in the humidity. The heat index will average between 105 and 110 today and Sunday.

Use common sense during a heat wave. Stay cool, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and limit time outdoors. Check on the elderly and provide shade and extra fresh drinking water for your pets and livestock.

The thunderstorm chance will be only 20% today through Tuesday. However, an isolated thunderstorm is possible late each day and in the overnight period.  Because if the extra heat energy, any storms could become severe with damaging winds.

Not only are we dealing with the heat, but also elevated ozone levels. Code Orange conditions are forecast by the EPA for today and Sunday. Sensitive groups like the elderly, children, and people with repository issue should limit time outdoors.


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