New Survey Shows More Women Paying Alimony

10:37 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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Piedmont Triad, NC -- It is the war of the sexes, punctuated with a dollar sign. Gone are the days when men were solely responsible for paying child support and alimony.

These days, lawyers say, more and more moms are paying for divorce and in some cases, also paying child support and alimony.

It's a result of several factors and, frankly, a changing society.
For example, it used to be that the courts favored mothers in custody cases and so in-turn they got child support.

But about a decade ago, the courts did away with the "Tender Age Doctoring" that permitted the legal favoritism.

These days men like Jonathan Ervin are fighting for custody too.

In his case, he shares custody with his ex-wife who now pays him to support the kids.

"That's what it comes down to is who's bringing home the lion's share. And that was the case for me, my wife was making more money than I was," Ervin explained. "I think it's a sign of the times."

And the American Academy of Matrimony Lawyers (AAML) says a new survey supports that.

In a newly released report, more than half of the AAML lawyers said more and more moms are paying child support. 44 percent said they saw no changes.
Also, 47 percent of the lawyers said they've noticed more women are paying alimony.

High Point attorney, Doyle Early, participated in the survey and he says he's seen more women in the last couple of years supporting their ex-husbands than the previous 7 years combined.

"The so-called glass-ceiling seems to be broken for so many of them we see a lot of women in executive positions and large corporations," he said.

Attorney Julie Pendleton in Greensboro added, "Past generations have always been under the mindset that a man is supposed to support his family. I do think that that's an outdate concept in the way families run these days."

There's at least one lawyer who says he's not buying this idea that men are becoming the dependents

"I don't see many cases in which women pay alimony or child support," said Sam Margulies. "You get a few cases, there's no question you see it now and then, but not a lot."

All the lawyers do point to the fact that while women may be paying child support in increasing numbers, when you actually look at the larger picture, men are still much more likely to be paying support and alimony than women.

The percentages for women may have increased but the U.S. is a long way from being 50-50.


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