John Edwards, Gay Marriage & Fracking: What NC Thinks

3:15 PM, Apr 15, 2012   |    comments
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NorthCaroina-- Public Polling Policy (PPP) recently released results on several issues making headlines in North Carolina. Pollsters asked headliners: John Edwards, fracking and gay marriage.

So how do you really feel?  

According to results on John Edwards: 56% of voters in the state believe the efforts against Edwards have been a waste compared to just 27% who think they've been a good use of public resources. And believe it not, there's actually a bipartisan consensus on that front: The majority of Democrats, independents, and Republicans all concur that this has not been money well spent.

Another 57% of voters think Edwards is guilty of the crimes with only 11% who believe he's innocent. Despite the fact that he's already been convicted in the court of public opinion, 59% of North Carolinians still think he can get a fair trial in the state to only 24% who think he can not.

Gay Marriage: North Carolinians agree with State House Speaker Thom Tillis: gay marriage will be legal in the state 20 years from now. 45% think the state will have gay marriage a generation from now compared to 41% who think it will continue to be illegal. Independent voters are the most optimistic for gay marriage (54/29) while Democrats think it will become a reality as well (52/35). Republicans (29% legal, 56% illegal) think the status quo will still rule in a couple of decades.

Fracking: According to pollsters, when asked most North Carolinians' response was 'huh?' That said, 49% of voters in the state have no opinion on the issue while those who do have one are pretty evenly divided with 24% in favor of fracking and 27% opposed. The party lines on the issue are pretty predictable- Republicans support it, Democrats and independents are opposed.

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Other polling results:

How North Carolinians vote: Voters in our state continue to be extremely divided when it comes to how they'll vote for legislatures this year. 44% said if the election was today, they would cast their vote for Republican candidates and 43% vote for Democrats. The General Assembly as a whole remains remarkably unpopular with an 18% approval rating to 53% of voters who disapprove. But even though the Republicans are in charge voter anger seems to be directed pretty strongly at both parties.

To see the full poll click on PPP

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