Triad PooPrints Is Open

5:10 PM, Apr 6, 2012   |    comments
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(Greensboro, NC)  --   It's a dirty job, and PooPrints of the Triad wants the pet owners do it. 

BioPet Vet Lab, a biotechnology company specializing in canine genetic testing, has rolled out a national program designed to address this hazardous issue that plagues many communities.  This technology is now available in the Piedmont Triad!  Triad PooPrints is a pet waste identification program built on a solid scientific foundation to provide management with a means to enforce pooper scooper rules in multifamily communities.   








Triad PooPrints works by creating a community database the DNA of each dog on the property.  DNA is collected via a non-invasive, painless cheek swab of the pet.  If pet waste is left behind, a small sample can be collected and matched back to the correct dog and its owner.  While most pet owners are doing the right thing by picking up waste, this program deters the few pet owners who do not.  Other benefits of the online registry include lost-and-found services with positive proof of identification, online storage of veterinary records and vaccine history, and discounts on pet supplies.

Pet waste is a heated topic for apartment owners, managers and their tenants.  With up to 40% of pet waste left un-scooped, the problem ranks at #6 on America's Top Gripes list, according to a January 2010 Consumer Reports survey.  The greater impact, however, occurs when the droppings wash into lakes, rivers, and streams, bringing a host of bacteria with them.

In addition, BioPet has partnered with the Piedmont Environmental Alliance to promote awareness and educate the public as to the negative environmental impact of pet waste. 


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