Gun Found Inside Sock Of Goodwill Donation

6:24 PM, Dec 29, 2011   |    comments
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Wilkesboro, NC-- Goodwill employees are probably use to finding money or other personal valuables left in donated clothing, but a gun?

A Goodwill employee can now tell a story of sorting through donations and finding a gun in a sock.

Although the gun was found Monday, Police in Wilkesboro said they got a call from the Goodwill store, on Gateway Ave, on Tuesday. The caller said an employee had found an "unusual" donation inside a sock of some donated clothes.

Because of all the donations that had come in, workers said they have no way of knowing who donated the pile that included the gun. 

The responding officer said he checked to see if the gun had been reported stolen by running it through a police computer system. The result came back as the gun "not on file".

Police said they attempted to contact the ATF, but federal Offices were closed due to the holiday.

For now, the gun found inside a sock at a Goodwill in Wilkesboro is at the police station, secured and marked as evidence.

Wilkesboro PD

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