Lawmaker Works To Amend Susie's Law

8:59 AM, Jan 20, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Less than two months after becoming a law, a lawmaker behind "Susie's Law" is anticipating changes.

State Senator Don Vaughn said he is working with Roberta Wall, Susie's foster mom, on a draft of the amendment.

Susie's Law was signed by Governor Bev Perdue in June 2010 and took effect in December. The law give harsher punishments to people convicted of animal abuse. It was named after a puppy found with severe burns in a Greensboro park.

SLIDESHOW: Images of Susie

Vaughn said the original law didn't give Animal Control the authority to press charges against violators. They also plan to amend any loopholes to make sure that when they prosecute the cases, there is language in the law to support tough prosecutions.

Adding charges for inadequate shelter is also in their plans.

As far as sentencing after conviction, Vaughn said they want to require psychological care and require the convicted person can never own another pet.

Vaughn said he plans on getting the amendments on the table soon after the NC General Assembly starts back on Wednesday.

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