Problems For McNair Elem. Contractor Extend To SC

5:42 PM, Sep 17, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The problems for the construction company that couldn't complete its work at McNair Elementary School extend beyond North Carolina.

Last week, Guilford County Schools found Farley Associates in default and removed it from the McNair project. The school was supposed to be finished in time for the new school year, but is still not complete. WFMY News 2 also broke the news that a Farley Associates project in Winston-Salem -- a fire station -- had fallen behind and was in trouble.

Now, WFMY News 2 has learned that a school district in South Carolina is also having trouble with Farley. The Fort Mill School District confirmed three Farley Associates projects there will likely go in to default, too.

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An assistant superintendent said school leaders there didn't realize how big their problem was until they heard about the fiasco happening in the Triad. Tommy Schmolze, Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Student Services, says the school system contracted with Farley last year for about $8.3 million worth of work on three projects. None of those jobs have been completed on time.

The largest project -- a new bus yard and maintenance site -- is almost done. So is a renovation project at the school district's office. But a 30-page punch list is waiting for that project, and Schmolze says it isn't clear whether Farley will be the contractor that will wrap up those finishing touches.

Schmolze says he can't fully blame Farley for all the delays and problems on those two projects, but he does believe the company bears the blame for not finishing some expansion work at a Fort Mill high school. A new multi-purpose room for the school's band isn't finished, but the effort only became a major problem within the last few weeks. Schmolze says that's when subcontractors stopped showing up for work because they said they stopped getting paid.

Like the Guilford Co. school system and the City of Winston-Salem, the Fort Mill School District is now working with Hartford -- the bonding company -- to figure out how the jobs will be finished.

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