Made In The Triad: My Three Sons Pimento Cheese

5:39 PM, May 15, 2012   |    comments
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Cheryl Mitchell Barnett has always enjoyed pimento cheese. Not just any pimento cheese. The recipe Cheryl loves belongs to Linda Emfinger, whom Barnett affectionately calls "Emmy."

"In 2010, I really had no plan what so ever to start a pimento cheese company." Barnett might not have started her own business. However, "my middle son John challenged me and said mommy you have been talking about this pimento cheese ever since I was a baby"

Barnett wanted others to enjoy the cheese as much as she did. "I thought gosh you know what would be so much fun to make this pimento cheese and sell it at the Farmers Market."

Unfortunately, the Farmers Market was full at the time and not accepting new vendors. So Barnett turned to the Fresh Market.

Her cheese debuted on October 31, 2010. Barnett handed out samples and sold out in just a couple of hours.

She then reached out to other grocers like Whole Foods and Harris Teeter.


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