Made In The Triad: Boar And Castle Sauce

7:16 PM, May 22, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Oh, how one little bottle can conjure up so many memories. If you are talking about Boar and Castle sauce, the 5-ounce bottle does just that.

Leon Thomas opened the Boar and Castle in 1929.  The legendary restaurant stood on the corner of West Market and Walker in Greensboro until its closing in 1980.  The establishment served up some of the best hamburgers and onion rings around. Of course the sauce was an integral part of the dining experience.

The restaurant stood for over 50-years, but the memories live on with the patrons who frequented the drive-in.  Boyd Morris was one of those people who spent a considerable amount of time at the drive-in.  "Anybody who went through high school and it didn't matter which high school in Greensboro; has to have a lot of memories about the 'Castle' and that's what we called it the 'Castle'."

So in 2009, Morris with the blessings of Leon Thomas' family, began to manufacture and distribute the Boar and Castle sauce.  The only thing different, is the fact you can now get it in a larger 12-ounce bottle and the label has changed to reflect the nutrition values.


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