Made In The Triad: Bradford Custom Furniture

8:08 PM, May 8, 2012   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- "I like to think of myself as a designer and a craftsman," says Bruce Bradford of Bradford Custom Furniture. "When I first moved here it was something I did after work," now it is his work.

Bradford began his career in the corporate world but left in 1999 to pursue his passion as a craftsman.  Each day he designs and builds chairs, tables, and just about anything you can put in your home. "A lot of the stuff I do is considered contemporary and sculptural".

All of his one-of-a-kind work is commissioned by the client and his work can be found in the Triad to California and even overseas. "I did do two chairs for a gentleman who used to live here in town but was transferred to Germany and he really wanted those chairs because the shipping ended up being more than the cost of the chairs".

His greatest compliment from his customers is when they 'show-and-tell' the items he has made for them.  "I have never had anyone not like anything, and I do know that they are always showing it off to people and maybe thats the nicest compliment. Is the fact that they want to show it to other people".

Bradford apprenticed under woodworker Sam Maloof in California.  Maloof was noted for making rocking chairs for then Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan who had the chairs in The Oval Office.  Bradford now replicates those exact chairs for his customers today.

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