The Hampton's Restaurant Visits The News 2 Kitchen

9:32 AM, Jul 23, 2012   |    comments
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The Hampton's is the only 4 star restaurant in High Point and their food is fabulous! They stopped by today and showed us how to make their tuna tartare.  And you can try it at home! Here's the recipe.  Take a look at our segments as well.

Sesame Tuna Tartare

6oz Sushi Grade Tuna

10oz White Sesame Seeds

10oz Black Sesame Seeds

40oz Steamed Edamame

20oz Pickled Ginger (for garnish)

3oz Cooked Seaweed

3oz prepared seaweed salad

1oz soy sauce

1/2 oz sesame oil

1/2oz of white and 1/2oz of black sesame seeds

1tbls sugar

1oz wasabi paste

3oz sour cream

2oz honey


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