Allison Meadows Put On A Blood Drive For Her Senior Project

11:38 PM, Aug 21, 2012   |    comments
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Allison Meadows hosted a blood drive for her senior project.

Trinity, NC -- Anytime's a good time to save a life, right? That's the mantra for Wheatmore High School senior Allison Meadows, who's turned her senior project into a life-saving event.

Meadows said, "It is very important that we can get blood to help other people who need it, especially with the shooting in Colorado. They needed a lot of blood then, and probably still need blood now, and there are plenty of people that can use blood and any blood type is needed."

Meadows has been donating blood since she was 16. So when the senior project came along, this idea came naturally. Especially, since she said this time of year, the need is crucial. "The blood supply very is low and most of the people won't give, but I promise you, its really not that bad. I've done it twice."

You can save three lives with one pint of blood. Meadows had a goal of 50 donors for her event. She started recruiting in May, and has worked hard to get people to make appointments or promise to stop by. Fifty-three people came to the event, and 45 donated. Eleven of the donors were first time donors.

Meadows' mentor and Donor Recruiter Representative for the Carolinas Blood Region, Perri Coltrane said, "[Allison] didn't care when it was done, but in the same time, for our sake, we are in the summer time. It is a critical time for blood donation, we are in a nationwide emergency appeal for all blood types."

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