Hero Reaches Kids Through Football

5:01 PM, Aug 2, 2011   |    comments
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His parents used to run a daycare, so Lee Allred has always loved kids.  He uses another love, football, to impact kids he wouldn't have a chance to otherwise.

Greensboro --  The beginning of August means the beginning of football season.  College, high school, middle school... and even elementary school kids can't wait to get out on the field.  The coaches are the only ones who beat them out there. 

Lee Allred and a few of his friends coach an elementary school football camp in Greensboro.  They do the same stretches and drills as the big kids but it isn't just about the game.  Lee Allred just enjoys the kids and wants to help them grow as people... and players. 

Allred's parents ran a daycare when he was young.  He has been around younger kids since he was 12 years old.  He thinks every kid should have a role model- someone to look up to and confide in.  Football opens that door.  He says the guys know they can talk to him about anything from the game.. to girls.     

Allred has three kids of his own.  He has two daughters and a son- who's focus is basketball.  So all the kids he helps through football are someone else's. 

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