Small Business Gets Boost With Super Bowl Ad

5:30 PM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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The Super Bowl is over, but the conversation continues about the commercials!

Chances are you had your favorite. Puppy Love, the Budweiser commercial highlighting the friendship between a dog and clydesdale, pulled at the heartstrings. Our partners at USA Today conducted their annual ad meter during the game. USA Today reporter Laura Petracca said those heart strings may have been key. "I think we're seeing the trend of emotional ads and storytelling ads because so many more people are using digital media. So in the past, you had 30 seconds to get an ad up there. You wanted to get a laugh, you wanted to send a message. Now users are posting your ad on facebook, on twitter, marketers are using it on youtube. So you're seeing ads before the game, during the game, and after the game."

But one business might not have made the big stage without a little help. Goldie Blox is a small business. They make toys aiming to get girls excited about science and engineering. They only have 15 employees and just got started 18 months ago!
They used Kickstarter and raised $285,000 to launch their business.

So how'd they end up with a $4 million dollar Super Bowl ad? They won a competition Intuit offered to small businesses. That made Goldie Blox the first small business ever to have a national commercial in the Super Bowl. But they won't be the last. Intuit already says they plan to run a similar competition again for next year's Super Bowl.

And if you're wondering, Goldie Blox toys are available in Toys R Us and Target.







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