My Neighbor's Tree Hangs In My Yard, What Can I Do?

5:41 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- One subject 2 Wants to Know gets asked about all the time: trees. What's are the rules if your neighbor has a tree with limbs that hang on your property? 

Well, in North Carolina, you can legally trim the branches -- up to the property line. But you cant go on the neighbor's property or destroy the tree itself.

So, what if the tree falls on your house, or your car? Who's responsible? That can be tricky. The tree's owner has a duty to maintain their property. You can send them a certified letter, with receipt, to make sure they know that you think their tree poses a threat. If they know it's posing a risk, don't do anything about it, and it falls, they can be held responsible.

But if it's an act of God, like their tree ripped up by a tornado and it lands on your house, no one is responsible. But it may still be a gesture of good will for the tree's owner to pay the victim's deductible.

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