The 2 Test: Slushy Magic

5:24 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC -- The key to Slushy Magic is you have to shake it. So who better to test it than a Zumba teacher?

Fitness Instructor Sonja Wallace put the Slushy Magic to the 2 Test.

"No ice, no blender, no mess," Sonja reads off the box.

The instructions tell you to place the reusable freezer cubes into the freezer until frozen. That took a good 8 hours. You then put all three reusable freezer cubes into the slushy magic cup.

"Pour in your favorite cold drink and fill to the line. The colder your drink is the faster it works." We used lemonade.

Make sure you screw the lid on securely and put your finger over the straw hole. We found once you start shaking it, some of the liquid seeps out.

You then shake it onr or two minutes until desired slushiness.

The result? It looked like the picture promised. Sonja says if she had a kid asking for it, she would probably buy it for them.

The Slushy Magic can be bought on line and in stores. It's about $10 a piece. Extra freezer cubes can be bought on line for $5.








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