Baker Furniture Employees Support Own In Cancer Fight

9:15 PM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- Comfort and chemotherapy are two words you wouldn't think go together. But thanks to some Baker Furniture employees who have a heart for one of their own co-workers with breast cancer it suddenly makes sense.

Pamela Mainer's co-workers knew the discomfort she was experiencing while undergoing cancer treatment. They also knew they couldn't just sit back and watch, so they decided to do something to help.

The group came up with an idea for a specially designed pillow for Mainer to use during her treatments. Often times the treatments are hours long leading to discomfort and pain for patients. The pillows they came up with are ideal for patients undergoing treatment. The pillows rest under the arms during the treatment and are not only comfortable but provide comfort.

They all decided they could do more and came up with an idea that launched Baker Furniture employees into a well oiled pillow making crew. The group made it their community project to make lots more pillows for other cancer patients.

The group made about 160 beautiful pillows they donated to Hayworth Cancer Center in High Point. The pillows will now be handed out to help so many other patients who know all too well, Mainer's cancer fight.

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