How To Find The Storm "Safe Spot" In Your House

11:18 AM, Apr 27, 2013   |    comments
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WXIA -- It only takes a few moments for Mother Nature to wreck havoc on everything in sight. And, Georgians know that first hand.

Georgia is geographically in the middle of the most active area in the country for tornadoes. It's even more active than Oklahoma.

11Alive Meteorologist Allison Chinchar walks through a home to show you why your first instinct May not be the best choice.

Most people go outside to check out a storm and see where it is, but you should actually be going inside to your safe place during storm outbreaks.

So you come inside and you go to your bathroom because most people think the bathroom is a safe place to go, however if it's upstairs, you risk a tree coming through the roof and ceiling -- and harming you or a family member.

Now, you've come down to the lowest level of your home. Smart move. You go to stand next to a window to see if the storm is getting close, but hail or debris can effortlessly break this window.

This next option looks good because there's no windows around you, however this wall is an exterior wall, which means debris becomes like popsicle sticks to a tornado and can easily puncture this wall.

The best place you can be is the lowest level of your home with four walls around you, and none of them are exterior walls. And the best thing you can do is put your helmet on, and ride out the storm, because this room could be the only thing that keeps you safe.

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