North Carolina A&T Aggies Return Home To A Warm Welcome

6:06 PM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Tourney time has come to a close for North Carolina A&T State University's men's basketball team.

Players returned to North Carolina A&T campus on Friday morning.

"Playing on live TV, like big stations like TBS and TNT, that was very interesting seeing myself on the big screen," said Ahmad Abdullah, NC A&T basketball player.

The Aggie fans and supporters gave the team a warm welcome, when they returned home to Greensboro. There were tons of hugs, kisses and cheering heard all around campus.

"It feels so great to get support from our fans," said Abdullah.
It was a busy NCAA trip starting in Ohio, with a win against Liberty. NC A&T made history, when they won their first ever NCAA victory over Liberty University. The ride later came to an end after NC A&T lost to the #1 seeded Louisville in Kentucky.

"I'm going to remember the Louisville game, because that crowd was just crazy. It was like thousands in there," said Jeremy Underwood, NC A&T basketball player.

Even though the players were tired, they say it was an awesome experience they'll never forget.

"It was the most exciting moment in my life. We did something that hasn't been done in 15 years. We have done something in this program that's never been done. And we did it," said Underwood.

The players are looking forward to next year and returning to NCAA tournament.

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