Drive Away Cancer Car Makes Stop In Greensboro

5:25 PM, May 4, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- North Carolina is known for fast cars. One sped into town Friday with a message.

The Drive Away Cancer car made a stop in Greensboro for some repairs at Hendrix Wire Wheels. The owner offered to make repairs for free, because of the car's message.

"There's none of us who don't have somebody, a loved one who's been through cancer or has passed away from cancer," said owner Alan Hendrix. "It's an honor. it made my day. it made my day."

The rusted, broken down car is on a nationwide trip bringing hope to people affected by cancer.

John Nikas started the journey after the car's original owner was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

"I thought maybe if we could get this car across the country and back, we could show him that as bad as this car was, it could make it, maybe he could too. and as we were on our drive, we had people start signing the names of people that they knew that had passed away from cancer or were fighting cancer or were surviving cancer," Nikas said.

The car now has 6,500 signatures.

Organizers take the car to visit people who are dealing with cancer, give rides to kids and take it to car shows.

"So people know that they're not alone and it also gives them an opportunity to sign the car and realize their loved ones will always go on and visit places with the car. It's been just an amazing trip," said Nikas.

You can learn more about the car and track its travels on

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