2 Those Who Care: Keilea Hughes

7:19 PM, May 9, 2012   |    comments
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Most seven-year-olds spend their free time playing or watching television.

Keilea Hughes has other plans. She wants to give out a million dog bones.

Her passion is being good to dogs. "I want to get the dogs healthier and the dogs more stronger."

Keilea spends much of her play time, making doggie bags. They are filled with healthy treats. An annual "weiner roast" is where she shares her goodies.

"We came up with the idea of Keilea Kares so that she could get out into the community and be a part of the animal society and be on her own," said Keilea's mother, Warditra Hughes.

That's because some organizations couldn't think of an elementary schooler being their volunteer. But that didn't stop Keilea from finding a way to help, and that's been a good thing.

"Children who learn to respect animals have more compassion for human beings and so it is a great lesson in life," said Keilea's friend, Alison Schwartz.

"Some people get to groom the dogs and give them some tooth brush and toothpaste and we just give them bones and stuff and I get to pet the dogs," Keilea told News 2.

Keilea started wanting to help dogs when she was five-years-old. So in the last two years, she has been a good buddy to lots of dogs.

"The dogs need love and care and companionship so that's why I am trying to help the dogs."

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