2 Those Who Care: Cindi Wagner

6:50 PM, Apr 11, 2012   |    comments
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Summerfield, NC --  Life can be difficult for everyone, but trying to get back to living your life after spending time in prison can be even more difficult and one woman is trying to ease the process.

2 Those Who Care recipient Cindi Wagner opened up Tabitha's House in 2002 to give women a place to live, and help with the transition from prison to the real world.

"They are up against not being able to get jobs, they are up against their social skills not being able to connect with people, they are up against anger, bitterness, abuse," said Wagner. "The system is set up to put them back in the system."

The women who live in the house come from different backgrounds, but they all share a common road of mistakes that led them into the prison system, for Melissa it was a life of drugs, "We're all broken and we needed something, but what we need is to learn how to live."

Cindi started up Tabitha's Closet to help earn support for the program, but it also gives the women a chance to get back into the workplace where they can learn job skills, personal well-being and how to love themselves again.

"My goal here is to not just throw a lot of Jesus at them, but to show love, to teach them the scriptures so they will have something to stand on but also how to integrate it into their lives" said Wagner.

Melissa says after 16 years in prison Tabitha's Ministry has saved her life and it is all thanks to Wagner.

"She just brings out the best because you can talk to her about your problems and no matter what you talk about she's going to fit it with a verse so you can't help but feel that love and smile on your face."

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