2 Those Who Care: Dr. Walter Mack

5:51 PM, Jun 9, 2011   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- They call it "Sweat Suit Sunday."

"We are probably one of the few churches in the nation that show up in a sweat suit," says church member Joanette Pete McClain.

The man behind the effort is the recipient of our "2 Those Who Care" award. Dr. Walter Mack is the pastor of Union Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. When he sees a need, he works to fix it.

"Begin to recognize that god wants us only only spiritually healthy, not only mentally healthy, but he also wants us physically healthy," says Dr. Mack. 

The effort to keep these members healthy is not the only passion for Dr. Mack. He remembers the day he saw a drug dealer on the street outside his church. He decided to try to change this scene. That's when he started a program called "Corner to Corner."

"There was this young modern day prophet that looked me in the eye and just prophesied over my life and guaranteed me that it was going to be a process... That it wasn't going to be an overnight thing," says K.P., a member of the Corner to Corner Program. 

"Once I met with them we came up with the idea to have a conference to just meet with the drug dealers and people who live the street life and get them to think about the choices they are making," says Dr. Mack.

The program works with people suffering with various substance abuse problems.

"I told a couple of friends not too long ago I'd either be probably be dead or in prison or in jail or any others because I had no sense of dignity, everything was just streets," says Corner to Corner participant Willie Blue. 

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