Don't throw away those vegetable scraps- plant them

7:39 AM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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Triad --  Did you have any idea that the celery base or carrot tops you've been throwing away might just be the veggies you're eating... in a few months?

Here's a project that is mainly for fun. These gardening ideas really work but don't count on them as your sole veggie supply. They can be a fun rainy day or homeschool project. They might even appeal to you if you're a grown up and just want to see if it works!

According to, you can use the celery base you would typically throw away to sprout new celery. Put the base in a small saucer near a sunny windowsill with the base side down and the stalks facing up. After about 5-7 days, transfer it to a planter and watch it grow.

The down-side is that it can take about 5 months to grow. This one isn't for the impatient. Unless you just want to prove it can be done, you might want to stick with buying celery. If you are up for the challenge, however, you can also try this with cabbage or romaine lettuce.

Carrots are another option. According to gardening, just cut off the tops of store bought carrots. Line a plate with several layers of newspaper and wet it. Just don't leave standing water. Let the carrot tops stay there until they root. Then plant them in the ground. It should only be a few weeks before you can harvest them.

The easiest idea with the biggest return is the green onion. says to simply get a bunch of scallions- with their roots and put them in a glass of water in a sunny window. That's it! When a recipe calls for it, just snip off what you need and it will grow back. It may take about two weeks to be back and as good as new. You could have an endless supply of green onions if you keep the water fresh and keep it in the sun. THAT'S being a smarter gardener! and

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