Get Gardener Hands Clean With These Easy To Make Scrubs

9:19 AM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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Triad -- When you're working outside, your hands can get really dirty, really fast. Don't worry, go ahead and enjoy your time outside. We can get you cleaned up in a snap! Here are some handy hints from Tipnut.

First, let's talk prevention. Just wear gloves. Yes, they can be bulky. If you're not picking weeds or doing anything where you need protection, try using latex or kitchen gloves to stay clean.

If you don't want to wear gloves but at least want to protect your nails, just drag your nails across a bar of soap. That will offer a little extra protection before you head out.

Let's say, you've already gotten dirty. You might want to try a scrub. Mix a little oatmeal with some milk. The amounts aren't that important. Just scrub it around on your hands, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse.

If you need an exfoliant, try mixing a little salt, baking soda, sugar or cornmeal with a small amount of water. Rub that on your hands and the dirt should come right off.

If you get a little dirtier, try putting a denture cleaning tablet in water and let your hands soak. Your hands will be as clean as your dentures!

For tough grass stains, use hydrogen peroxide.

Instead of getting dirty outside and then running your dirty self through the house to get to the sink to clean off, make a wash station outside. Just put a bar of soap into the end of a pair of hose and hang that on your outdoor faucet. You can clean up before you go back inside.

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