Plant white flowers and enjoy your yard after dark

9:06 AM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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Triad --  Have you ever rushed home to squeeze in some quality time outdoors before the sun goes down? Here's a garden with no time limit. In fact, you need the moon to be out to fully enjoy it.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, it's called a moon garden. Basically what you need are white flowers. When the moon is out, they reflect the moonlight and appear to glow. You can use any white flowers but this morning I used Geraniums, Petunias, New Guinea Impatients, Verbena, Diamond Frost, Hydrangeas, Evening Primrose and Plumbago. For more flowers you might choose, check out this moon gardens resource website.

This is a garden where you can really use all of your senses. You can see the glowing white flowers. If you pick the right ones, you'll smell them. Evening Primrose is a very fragrant evening blooming flower. You can hear the night time sounds like the breeze and crickets chirping. Maybe taste should be left out on this one. Even though some varieties of Evening Primrose are edible, they are better used in salads rather than for a midnight snack. The sense of touch is the downside. Don't forget mosquitoes will probably enjoy you as much as you enjoy your moon garden.

This is especially nice on really hot summer days. In the south, who sits outside to enjoy the yard in the middle of the afternoon? The evening is the best and coolest time to be outside.

Better Homes and Gardens

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