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Higher Humidity Could Keep Your House Plants From Being Stressed

7:52 AM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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Triad --  In the winter, the chilly air outside is also pretty dry.  When it gets into our homes and we turn on the heat, it gets even drier. Have you noticed the ends of the leaves on your houseplants turning brown? That means your plant is stressed. The humidity could be one reason.

There are several ways to increase the humidity in your house. The easiest may be to get a humidifier. That way, you and your plants both benefit. 

Group your plants together. When water vapor evaporates from one of them, another can take in that water if they are close. 

Keep your plants away from drafts. That can mean a drafty window or a heating vent. Moving air promotes evaporation. 

Put your plants in a bathroom. When you take a shower, the steam can benefit them. Just make sure they can also get sunlight. A bathroom without windows may provide steam but without sun, the plant won't fare much better.     

University of Wisconsin Extension Office

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