Artificial, Cut or Live Trees? Which Is Better?

10:41 AM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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Triad -- You may already know your answer to the question- real or artificial Christmas tree? 

If you choose real, you probably get a cut tree.  Did you know you can actually get a live tree and bring it into your house?

With any fresh tree- cut or live, you get the experience of picking it out.  Going out to the Christmas tree farm or just to the tree lot can be a family tradition.  The smell is always a big seller.  You can choose the size and shape you're looking for.  (If you make the wrong choice, you're only stuck with it for one season.)  There are reasons to choose each but in the end, you can't go wrong as far as the environmental impact. 

A live tree will last for years (assuming you take care of it).  You can go with your family to pick out the tree, decorate it together, plant it together and watch it grow together.  My family did that when I was little and the trees are huge now! 

While there are lasting benefits for choosing a live tree, cut trees aren't a bad choice either.  They are grown to be cut down.  That means they add oxygen to the air and take out carbon dioxide while they're alive.  When they're cut down, new ones are planted to replace them.  The cycle continues.   After you're done with your tree, it can be recycled.  Most of them are mulched and reused.  Even if you put it back out in nature, you're providing a habitat for birds and animals. 

So whatever you choose, you can't go wrong!  Enjoy your tree!

Mebane Ham, Greensboro Beautiful

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