Manure Re-Mix

8:14 AM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro --  So many of us in this part of the Piedmont have that hard, red clay in our backyard.  It isn't the easiest or most fun to work with.  Here is a mixture that will be good for your plants but will also make your soil less compact.  That way, it's easier to work with, watering is more effective and weeding is easier.

Here it is...

  • One part cow manure
  • One part soil conditioner
  • One part top soil

Mix it all up and use it for your trees, shrubs and raised beds.  When you use any one of the ingredients alone, it helps.  The mixture of all of them will go even farther. 

Use it about once a year... or more if needed.  If you use it around your trees and shrubs but begin to see red clay peeking back through, it may be time to reapply.  It can erode away if isn't in a raised bed. 

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