Does Your Garden Like Junk Food?

11:45 AM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Triad --   According to Jeff Gillman in his book, "The Truth About Garden Remedies", theoretically, sugary substances could be good for plants.

He set out to see if theory and reality are on the same page.

According to his theory, a sugary home-made fertilizer should feed good bacteria and may even serve as a root stimulant.  Who wouldn't want to save money and the time it takes to travel to the store by making fertilizer out of things in your pantry? 

Gillman whipped up several concoctions.  He began each with 5 1/2 gallons of water.  Then he added either 6 or 12 ounces of cola... 6 or 12 ounces of lemon-lime soda... 1 or 2 tablespoons of molasses... or 1 or 2 tablespoons of syrup.  The last test group got only 5 1/2 gallons of water.   

Which fared the best?  The plain water was the big winner. 

Turns out, the theory isn't all you might have hoped it would be.  After two days, the plants had a tremendous increase in bacteria growth.  Unfortunately, the bacteria didn't help the plants grow. 

Gillman did note that the molasses treatments did better than most... but the plain water was definitely the method he plans to stick with. 

Sorry... another home remedy not to add to your list.  

The Truth About Garden Remedies by Jeff Gillman

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