Snakes In The Garden

7:09 PM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
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Triad --  Recently, there have been questions about snakes in the Triad.  How do we get rid of them?

According to Chris Stecker, Horticultural Technician for Alamance County, (also known as "The Snake Lady") unfortunately, there's really no good way to get rid of snakes.  They live here too. 

Yes, that's the bad news.

She says the good news is that most of the snakes around here aren't poisonous.  They may be scary looking but they most likely won't hurt you. 

The one poisonous snake you do have to worry about is the Copperhead.  That probably doesn't sound like good news either...   The truth of the matter is that Copperheads aren't as deadly as most people think.  Stecker says most Copperhead bites aren't fatal.  In fact, they are more like a really bad bee sting.  You should definitely seek medical attention if you are bitten- but you are likely to live after minor medical treatment. 

Copperheads don't necessarily want to kill you.  They want to scare you and get you to leave them alone.  So they don't give you the maximum dose of venom- just enough to get you off their backs.  Mission accomplished! 

If you have garden questions, I'll find answers on Sunday mornings during the Good Morning Show.  Send your questions to me via Twitter or Facebook.  I can be found either place under LeighBrock2.

Chris Stecker, Horticultural Technician for Alamance County

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