Talking Weeds

2:23 PM, Aug 5, 2012   |    comments
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Triad --  Weeds don't have words... but they can talk. 

It may seem like you have a random assortment of weeds in your yard.  There may be more of a method to their madness than you think.  Weeds are just like everything else, they want to go where they can thrive.  The weeds showing up to your lawn party are probably there because they like your soil... not your company.

According to, the weeds you find in your yard may tell you something about your soil's composition.  You may have acidic soil if you find Dandelion, Sorrel, Stinging Nettle, and Wild Pansies in you yard.  You can try to neutralize it by adding Dolomitic Lime.  You could also just work with what you have and grow plants and vegetables which like acidic soil.  You can find the specifics in this article.

If you notice Daisies, Biennial Wormwood, Mugwort, Wild Carrot, Wild Parsnip or Wild Radish, your soil may just be plain worn out.  There are some plants which do just fine with low food supply.  The best way to fix this soil is to do a soil test because every yard is different.  North Carolina offers them free of charge.  Just pick up kits at the Extension Office in your county. 

Weeds can even bring good news.  If you find Henbit, Chickweed, Lamb's Quarter, Red Clover or Mustard, you probably have really good soil... sure, weeds too, but good soil. 

If you have weeds not mentioned here, check out this website for more weed varieties and what they mean.

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