Boiled Weeds?

8:05 AM, Aug 1, 2012   |    comments
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Triad --  This time of year, the plants and veggies you spent so much time planting in the spring may or may not be thriving.  Chances are, the weeds you didn't plant probably are.  There are many remedies that sound good- but sometimes they can damage your plants... or invite other problems you didn't anticipate.

One theory is to pour boiling water on weeds to kill them.  According to Mark Danieley, Alamance County Extension Agent, this one works... but it  may not be the best option.  While it does kill weeds, it can also burn you... or your kids... or the neighbor who happens to wander over.  You may want to ask yourself whether killing that weed is really worth risking a potentially serious burn. 

Some people sprinkle corn meal on the soil to prevent weed seeds from germinating.   Danieley says that method hasn't been proven and it may even attract insects. 

Finally, there's salt.  Do you remember your parents making homemade ice cream when you were growing up?  What did they do with the leftover salt and melted ice?  You couldn't pour it out in the grass.  You wouldn't have any grass left!  My dad used to pour it on weeds in the driveway.   Danieley says the salt is an effective weed killer.  The problem is that it could be harmful to other plants... or even animals.  It could even poison the soil so watch where you put it!

Mark Danieley, Alamance County Extension Agent

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