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Triad --  If you feel like your yard just isn't complete until you have bagged or raked your grass clippings, it's time for a paradigm shift. 

Your yard actually likes it when you leave the clippings behind.  There are good things in those discarded blades of grass.  They're made mainly of water and other nutrients- including nitrogen.  Plus, you win because there's less work involved. 

If that isn't reason enough, it's against the law to put those clippings in the landfill.  You can put them in a clear plastic bag beside your trash can but not inside the can. 

The only time you should catch the grass is when it gets too high and thick.  If that happens, the clippings might overwhelm the yard.  Otherwise, skip that step.

If you want to know more lawn tips for North Carolina, there's an app for that.  The NCSU Lawn Care app was created by the NC State Center for Turfgrass Environmental Research and Education.  You can find out about alerts, pest problems, irrigation and much more.  It's all specifically for our state.   

NCSU Center for Turfgrass Research & Education

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