Tracey's TRAINER'S Dream Garden

7:49 AM, May 23, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro --  The past few weeks, I've been giving each of the GMS crew a chance to have their dream garden.  Tracey McCain didn't get that choice. 

Last week, Tracey challenged herself to lost weight in ten days.  She did it... but in her behind the scenes confessional, she admitted to breaking into a can of cake frosting.  Her trainer, Jason Davis, was proud of her... but not excited about that particular moment.  I called him to see what I could put in her garden that would make him a little happier. 

Davis recommended brightly colored vegetables- the brighter, the better.  These nutrient-dense foods may offer protection from cancer, help control calorie intake and blood sugar. 

He chose red, orange and yellow peppers, cucumbers, celery and tomatoes for Tracey's garden.  Not only are they nutritious, they contain fiber.  It fills you up with fewer calories so you don't feel the need to eat as much. 

If you want to make healthier food choices, maybe you could grown your own veggies.  The foods are healthy.  You can go organic... and actually know exactly what is going into your food.  Plus, gardening gets you up and active.   

Jason Davis, General Manager Sports Center

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