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Container gardens are easy to manage when you're just getting started

7:52 AM, Apr 17, 2012   |    comments
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Triad --  Everyone can have a garden.  Whether you live on a farm with several acres of land or in an apartment, you can still get in on the fun.  Perhaps a container garden would be a good place to start. 

A good place to begin is to find where you want to put your new growth.  Then decide what size container will fit and whether it will be in the sun or shade.  For ideas on which plants to use, here's a website with a list of which plants thrive in the sun versus the shade. 

When picking out plants, pick thrillers- tall plants for the middle.  Spillers are the ones which hang over the sides of the container.  Fillers are just that. 

Here are some tips from Extension Agent Mary Helen Ferguson to get you started:

  • Use potting soil rather than regular garden soil.  The clay soil,which is so prominent in the Triad, isn't going to drain very well.
  • Don't crowd your plants.  If they're too close, they don't get enough air movement and are more prone to diseases.  There is also more competition for nutrients and water.
  • Don't forget to water your container.  Things dry out more quickly than when they're in the ground.  Clay and wood containers dry out more quickly than a plastic one. 

Here is an article from the NC Cooperative Extension Service on container vegetable gardens.


Mary Helen Ferguson, Extension Agent

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