Squirrels Driving You Nuts?

8:44 AM, Mar 28, 2012   |    comments
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  • Hot Pepper Spray
  • Tangle Foot
  • Dried Blood

King -- Squirrels can be really cute... when you can watch them at a park.  When they come into your yard for lunch, they aren't quiet as cute. Here's a question from a viewer, Jamie Allen:

"We've had a nectarine tree for three years and have only gotten one fruit in that whole time because the squirrels get to them first. I've heard tricks about hanging tin pans from the branches, putting human hair around the trunk, sitting a fake owl, hawk or snake close by. What is the best way to protect fruit trees from woodland creatures?"

According to Steve Preston, Co-owner of LTD Lawn and Garden in King, those tricks can work. It's worth a try.  Here are some other things he also recommends. All of them aim to keep the squirrels away without harming them. These products basically annoy the squirrels.

Hot pepper spray is something you can spray on the tree.  Squirrels don't like the taste. You can also put it in bird seed if you want to feed the birds but keep the squirrels out. 

Tangle-foot is a substance you can put around the base of the tree. The name says it all. Squirrels step in it and get really annoyed... really fast. 

Finally, there is Dried Blood. It sounds disgusting but it's actually an organic fertilizer. Squirrels are on the low end of the food chain. They smell blood, sense danger and head the other way... if all goes as planned!

If you have garden questions, let me know. Send an e-mail to lbrock@wfmy.com.


Steve Preston, LTD Lawn & Garden

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