Tips For Planting Summer Bulbs

10:09 AM, Mar 27, 2012   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC --  The tulips are in full bloom now.  Maybe yours look fabulous... or maybe they didn't even make it to the blooming stage. 

If yours didn't make it very far, squirrels could be the problem.  They love to dig and take your bulbs.  Here's a way to keep them out according to Adrienne Roethling, Garden Curator at the Paul J Ciener Botanical Gardens in Kernersville.  Before you plant bulbs, get some blood meal.  Most garden stores should have it.  Put the bulbs in a plastic baggie with some blood meal and a little water (just enough to get it a little damp).  Shake it around and then plant!  Squirrels don't like the smell so hopefully they will stay away. 

At the Botanical Gardens in Kernersville, there are tons of flowers planted in a really small area.  If you want that look- or even if you are planting a container garden, you might want to try "Lasagna Gardening".  According to Roethling, you should plant the bulbs in layers. Begin with a layer of soil. Add your biggest bulbs at the bottom. Add another layer of soil. Next come the medium sized bulbs... and another layer of soil. Last, top it with the smallest bulbs... and another layer of soil. Your garden will end up looking very full and healthy. 


Adrienne Roethling, Paul J Ciener Botanical Gardens

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