Deer Not Welcome In Your Garden? Safe Deterrents

7:58 AM, Mar 20, 2012   |    comments
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  • Soap Fence
  • Put egg in sock and hang on a line
  • Punch hold in top of raw egg
  • String two rows of white electric fence tape between posts.

Triad --  Deer can be beautiful when you see them grazing off in the distance.  When they come a little closer and decide to have lunch in your yard, your opinion might change. 

Steve Preston Co-owner of LTD Farm and Garden in King, shared a few ideas, tried and approved by his friends and customers.  According to Preston, the deer are just looking for food.  We can't fault them for that, but they don't have to find it in our garden. 

He suggests using something natural which won't harm the deer or the environment.  He said, "Deer have very keen senses of smell and taste.  Therefore we need to capitalize on their senses by putting out product they can detect and will keep them away."

Fences can be effective...

  • Soap fence- Drill a hole in a bar of soap, tie a thin rope through it and attach a few along another rope. An example in the top picture.
  • Rotten egg fence-  Use a pin to poke a hole in the top of a raw egg.  Place it upright inside a sock and clip a few to a rope... example in the second and third pictures.
  • Electric fence tape- no electricity needed.   Get a few thin plastic posts and run white electric fence tape between them.  Build another one parallel to it.  Deer have poor depth perception so they won't try to go through it. Check for an example in the last picture.

Preston also suggested a few other ideas.  Sprinkle dusting sulfur lightly around your garden.  It irritates the deers' noses and eyes.  They won't likely come back for more.  Milorganite is an organic fertilizer which is actually made from human sewage.  Deer smell it, associate it with humans and head the other way. 

Steve Preston, LTD Farm and Garden

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