Egg Shells For Your Garden... Do They Help?

5:41 PM, Mar 7, 2012   |    comments
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Have you ever walked into someone's kitchen and found a container of old egg shells beside the sink?  Perhaps you've wondered what that's all about.  Maybe you've even done it yourself.  It would be much easier to just toss them, but should you really go through the trouble of saving them? 

Egg shells contain calcium carbonate.  For years people have been adding them to their soil to reduce acidity.  It seems like a good idea but Charles C. Mitchell, Extension Agronomist-Soils with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System did a study to find just how helpful  it really is.  He found that it doesn't hurt to use them... but it probably doesn't help that much either. 

Mark Danieley, Extension Agent in Burlington, said "There just isn't really that much to egg shells".  He said just tossing the shells into the soil doesn't help much at all.  It does help a little if you have a lot of shells and you grind them up, almost into a powder. 

Danieley does recommend adding them to your compost pile- but says grinding them up is still the most effective way to go. 

Mark Danieley

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