Plan Your Garden Before... For A Better After

9:59 AM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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  • Know how large the trees and shrubs you choose will become.
  • Make a diagram of your yard- including dimensions.

Triad --  With the spring-like weather coming up for the rest of the week, it is tempting to want to start your spring planting.  Here's the problem.  It's still February.  We can still get frost and even snow for a few more weeks.  Even if you can't actually start gardening, you can definitely start planning!

Cissie Apple from A&A Plants has a few tips you can use now that your yard will thank you for later. 

  • Make a plan.  Drawing even a simple diagram of your yard will go a long way.  Where is something already planted?  What are the dimensions of your yard?
  • Do your homework.  What kind of soil do you have?  Is it a clay soil which will need a lot of amendments to make it more useable?  Is the soil pliable?  Does it stay wet a lot of the time?  Is it too hard and dry for the plants you want to put in? 
  • Check sun patterns.  The sun changes all through the year.  In the winter, it is more in the southern sky.  It will be more directly overhead in the summer months.  Some plants like the sun while others prefer the shade.  Decide what will thrive in different areas.
  • Find out how large a tree or shrub will become.  That 5' tree may be 50' tall in a few decades.  If a plant grows out, it may overtake the other plants around it as it grows. 

This is a good place begin so that in the summer you will be able to enjoy exactly the yard you want. 

Cissie Apple, A&A Plants

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