Create your own wedding centerpieces

8:04 AM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
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Triad --  If you got engaged on Valentines Day, there are probably thousands of things going through your head.  While centerpieces might not be the very first thing on your mind, they're necessary.  If you have a green thumb... or friends who do, you can make your own centerpieces.

All you have to do is find pretty planters and fill them up with small pots of plants and flowers.  According to Arvil Pennington, a flower and plant instructor, what would cost you $75-100 from a florist can cost closer to $35 if you do it yourself. 

Pennington said after you put the little pots into the bigger planter, you can cover them with sheet moss to hide the pots underneath.  Plus, you can still have access to water them. 

The centerpieces you put together can also have special meaning.  In victorian times, all plants meant something.  You can look up meanings on the Internet but here are a few...

  • Anthurium- giving your heart
  • Hydrangea- devotion
  • Primrose- pure innocence
  • Rosemary- remembrance

The Cyclamen means 'I will economize'.  That could be your inspiration plant when planning your budget.

Arvil Pennington, Flower and Plant Instructor

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