How To Have A Safe And Long Lasting Christmas Tree

11:07 AM, Dec 2, 2011   |    comments
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  • Fix It Friday - Christmas Tree Tips
  • Fix It Friday - Christmas Tree Tips
  • Fix It Friday - Christmas Tree Tips
  • Fix It Friday - Christmas Tree Tips


Tom is a graduate of LSU College of Engineering and has worked in project and company management for more than twenty five years. Starting as a Project Engineer for an Energy company, Tom advanced through numerous levels of engineering and corporate management positions. In 1998, Tom fulfilled a long held dream of building homes and began his own construction firm.

Today, that firm, Southern Evergreen High Performance Homes, is Greensboro's exclusive builder of Southern Living Custom Homes and offers many services including Architecture, Interior Design, Real Estate and Construction.  Tom is one of only 100 builders across America to earn the Southern Living Builder designation. In addition, he hold holds several certifications including an Unlimited North Carolina General Contractor License a North Carolina Real Estate and Broker License, a nationally recognized Certified Green Professional Designation and an EPA Certified Lead Renovator Certificate.   Tom joined the Good Morning Show team with the Fix-it Friday series in 2009.

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Greensboro, NC -  It is a great time of the year to go out and find a Christmas tree.

Mr. Fix It - Tom Garcia gives you a few tips on how to have a long lasting and safe tree this holiday season.

-- Take a look at size and shape and what works best for you, but also think about the health of the tree. 

Look at a branch.  You might take it and bend it back to make sure it has good flexibility.  Run the needles thru your hand, see if you come up with any little pieces. If you get a large amount, you know that tree is probably drying out and that is a problem you might want to select a different tree.

-- Once you get the tree, it is always important to keep water in the bowl of the tree.  Trees absorb a lot of water in the first few weeks.

If the water runs out, the bottom of the tree will seal up with sap and it will not be able to pull in as much once you do refill it.  You will have to make a fresh cut on the bottom, which is not always possible on a decorated tree.

-- Do not run the lights when you do not need them, that will dry your tree out faster. Use led lights they use less energy, and are not as hot.

It  is always a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher near the tree, just in case. 



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