The Captured Inmates Tell Investigators They Walked Around Guilford County After Escaping Jail

11:06 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- Now that both men who escaped from the High Point jail two months ago have been captured, detectives are learning about their getaway plan.

On Wednesday, Jose Idel Sid was captured when a police officer recognized him after he was brought to the jail for allegedly committing another crime.

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Just one day later on Thursday, Jose Hernandez Hernandez was arrested after a shopper in Home Depot spotted him inside the store.

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That 911 caller wanted to remain anonymous but News 2 tracked down the 911 phone-call that lead police to the fugitive.

That caller told the 911 dispatcher, "We saw that on the news two men escaped from the jail and we saw that they got one arrested and I just saw the other one in the Home Depot here on Wendover."

The caller also told the 911 dispatcher what Jose Hernandez-Hernandez was wearing.

News 2 talked to Detective Chris Shay with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office. Detective Shay interviewed both inmates since they were captured but hasn't got a lot of information out of them.

Hernandez-Hernandez won't talk but Idel Sid told investigators that they didn't have a getaway plan after they got out of their cell. They didn't use any outside help. They just started walking.

"After they got outside the facility, they really didn't have a plan. They kind of split up, went their separate ways and he hung out in the area, did some mechanic work, and then hitchhiked to Greensboro where he started construction," said Detective Shay.

The pair who once worked as a team to escape from prison are now quick to play the blame game.

"He immediately said that it was Jose Hernandez's idea. He was the one that formulated the plan to escape and had done most of the work to get the opening for them to escape. When we interviewed Jose Hernandez, he made a statement to one of the detention officers that the hole was already there when he was placed in the cell which we don't believe is correct."

Both inmates are detained at the Greensboro jail in segregated cells without windows. Anytime they're escorted outside their cell, they're fully restrained in shackles, belly chains, and handcuffs.

WFMY News 2, Guilford County Sheriff's Office

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