Unsolved Murder: Greensboro Police Investigate Winfree Homicide From 2007

12:44 AM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC--  Andrew Winfree was 49-years-old. Police found him dead inside his apartment more than five years ago. The case is getting colder, but Greensboro police believe this is solvable.

Detective Coward with the homicide squad in the Greensboro Police Department told News 2 that on March 21, 2007, Andrew Charles Winfree Jr., better known as Chuck, was found dead inside his Greensboro Oakleigh Apartment.

"The autopsy later confirmed that Mr. Winfree had died of blunt force trauma," said Coward.

Winfree had been beaten to death. There was no gun or weapon for police to investigate; Chuck's family quickly grew angry.

"When it first happened, I can remember being angry and not thinking that the police we're doing enough," explained Betty Winfree, Chuck's mother.

Days turned into weeks and weeks to months. Now, five years have come and gone, still the Winfree family is without answers. The only place Betty Winfree found peace is with her faith and family.

"It came to my mind that there are boys dying in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are families facing this every day," added Betty Winfree.

In the last five years, much has changed. The apartment complex is now called Arbor Park Apartments. New people have moved in. In some ways, Detective Coward said that might help.

Coward said, "This is a solvable case. We think that people from the neighborhood could provide some additional information and people who didn't want to talk before might be able to talk now."

Police think it's solvable because they have turned their attention on a specific person, a man they know only by the nickname, "Knowledge."

"Knowledge" was Winfree's temporary roommate, but it was never official. His name wasn't on the lease, and all police know is a nickname.

After following up on a few leads in the past five years, now the attention has shifted. Detective Coward is intent on solving this murder and he knows that justice is possible for the Winfree family.

Betty Winfree said, "I'd love to have him back in the family, where he belongs but that's not possible so you face what is possible."

Chuck would have been 55-years-old on November 12th.

If you know anything about the murder of Andrew Winfree, Greensboro police want to hear from you.

You can call Detective Coward at 574-4053 or Crime Stoppers at 373-1000.

WFMY News 2. Greensboro Police Department

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