Pedestrian Hit & Killed, Teenage Driver Charged

10:07 PM, Sep 26, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Police in Greensboro have charged a teenager with hitting and killing a pedestrian Tuesday night.

Investigators were called to the hit and run around 8:45pm near the corner of W. Wendover and Elwell Avenues. Witnesses said the driver was in a silver Volkswagen, possibly a station wagon, with a bicycle rack on top.

A short time later, police said they got a call from the driver's father reporting that his son had hit someone and left the scene.

Wednesday, officers charged 16 year-old Mohamed Fuad Albureshaid with Felony Hit & Run and Misdemeanor Death by Motor Vehicle.

The victim Darrell Blair Triplin, 54 was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders. Officers said Triplin didn't have identification on him and had to be identified by his fingerprints.

Now two local families will live forever with an event that was over in seconds.

News 2 made the decision not to talk to either of the families to give them time to grieve. News 2's Liz Crawford did talk with neighbors who said they're not surprised that someone was killed.

In the time News 2 spent talking to neighbors Wednesday evening, dozens of pedestrians used that same intersection including children on bikes and parents pushing baby strollers.

Nearby people said there are accidents and wrecks at the intersection once a week. For pedestrians, it's hard to get across the street in time because cars are going at least 45 to 55 miles an hour.

Some neighbors told News 2 that cars speed, run red lights, and don't obey the "No right on red" sign.

Jessica Price was for a walk with her two young children on Wednesday afternoon.

"There's no bus for his school where we live so that makes me really look at that situation like that could be my son just walking up the street to school," said Price.

William Harrison has lived on the corner of the intersection for over 20 years.

Harrison said, "The lights change so quickly and most people are trying to cross Wendover before the light change again and I think that's one of the causes."

One thing that neighbors were surprised about was that the driver didn't stop and wait for police.

Kristal Darden said, "What if this was my family member and someone hit them and killed them and just left the scene. I mean this is a person, a life and you had to know that you've hit someone."

According to the Department of State, a child becomes a full legal adult when they turn 18, however, the driver, 16-year-old Mohamed Albureshaid has been charged with a felony as an adult.

Dr. Gutterman is a child psychologist with LeBauer Healthcare. He explained that age and maturity are key factors in adulthood and decision making, specifically in a time of crisis.

Witnesses speculated that Albureshaid panicked and that's why he fled the scene. Gutterman said that a lack of life experience could have an effect on what a younger person does during a panic situation versus an adult. It's also not surprising that Albureshaid sought parental advice. That's often where adolescents turn during times of crisis.

Greensboro Police, WFMY News 2

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