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Rodney Foland Charged In Death Of His Daughter

9:59 AM, Sep 3, 2012   |    comments
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Denton, NC -- It's impossible to describe what Michelle Foland is going through. Her 6-year old daughter is dead and neighbors say she has not left her son's hospital bedside since Friday.

Foland's daughter was killed in a collision that also critically injured son. What's just as painful for the family is that Investigators have charged the children's father in the accident.

According to NC Highway Patrol, Rodney Foland was driving while intoxicated when he collided with another vehicle.

"It was a tragic, tragic, day," said Rose Menges. She lives next door to the Folands."I heard a lot of commotion, people yelling and that type of thing."

"There was a bad accident, where a septic tank trunk ran into a small vehicle, and it just demolished the small vehicle, it tore the whole rear-end off the small vehicle and spun it around," explained Robert Tews, a neighbor of the Folands.

"So the first thing I did was go and grab some towels and rush out to the front and went over there," said Menges. "It seemed like forever before we got to hear a siren."

State Troopers say 43-year-old Rodney Foland picked up his daughter Rosalie from Farmer Elementary School Friday afternoon. Rosalie's 4 year-old brother Tommy was already in the car.

Menges said the mother Michelle saw the accident because it happened just at the end of the driveway. Troopers said Foland turned in front of the septic truck when he was pulling into family's driveway.

"She pulled Rosalie out of the car because she was there naturally, the first person. She said she was on the porch when it happened, she saw, she witnessed the accident first hand as it was happening."

Rosalie died and Tommy was thrown from the car and has a fractured skull. He was airlifted to Baptist Hospital where doctors say he is in serious condition.

Foland is charged with Driving While Impaired, Careless and Reckless Driving and Felony Death by Vehicle.

His first court appearance is set for Tuesday in Randolph County.

There is no word on funeral arrangements for Rosalie.

"She [Michelle] has not left the hospital, since it happened, she's been up there, so she's not dealing with that right now, he main focus has been on his surviving this, and the doctor says the first 70 or so hours are crucial in the survival of this. That's been her main focus," said Menges.

When asked what the Foland's need most now, Menges answered. "prayers."

WFMY News 2 checked Foland's  record: It shows he was convicted of a misdemeanor assault on a female in 1999 and then of another misdemeanor in 2001 when he was convicted for driving on a revoked license.

He did have a valid driver's license when he wrecked, Friday

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