Man Attacked At Gas Station With AK-47

11:06 PM, Aug 17, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, FL-- Surveillance footage from a Tampa gas station show a man with an assault weapon chase and attack another man in front of the station.

Wooden boards replace glass windows shattered in a Sunday morning shoot out at the Shell Gas Station on North 50th Street near Interstate 4 in Tampa.

The gunfire, so loud, it was heard in surrounding neighborhoods.
"It kinda sounded like thunder, like rapid thunder," said one witness who asked not to be identified.

Video taken from surveillance cameras at the Shell station shows a young man making a purchase. When he walks away from the store, he's called over to a car by a friendly female. It appears it was a trap though, as moments later he was approached from behind by a man armed with an assault weapon.

We showed the video to a group of nearby residents who didn't see the shooting but heard it all happen.

"They were actually roughing him... they was actually up on him grabbing him," said the nearby resident.

One of the suspects is holding what appears to be a pistol-caliber carbine -- an assault weapon designed to give regular pistol ammunition more accuracy and power.

The gun can be seen even as a second man joins in the attack trying to yank off victims pants, apparently the victim had been spotted stuffing a wad of cash into his pocket just before the attack.

"A scary feeling," said one of the men we showed the video to. "I would have thought they was going to take my life the way they was struggling and stuff."

The two attackers eventually ran away. That's when the victim spotted a gun that landed on the ground in the melee.

The video shows the victim then taking a shot at the suspects before they return fire evident by shattering glass.

With his pants and his cash gone the victim runs from the Shell station across the street.

"When he came running down we though he was the shooter so we ran in the house."

But the victim only wanted help. Those who've seen the video are amazed he's even alive.

"He was lucky, he was very lucky. He says he didn't think he was going to make it at all."


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