There Are Some Lines You Just Shouldn't Cross

8:18 AM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- You might have to make some compromises when you're trying to find a job, but Career Consultant Joyce Richman says there are some lines you just shouldn't cross.

Richman says "I think with the new normal we need to make some compromises in terms of salary, of position, of authority, you know, the opinions are just fewer, so we just have to compromise on that side. But do you know where I would draw a line? At least for myself? I draw a line around ethics, morals, and values. Those are things that I hold dear. Lines that I just don't cross. I won't cross them to take a job. It really won't be good for me and I won't be good for them.

"So if I feel like I'm being disrespected in an interview, I think I better walk, because I think it is really going to get worse if I take the job. If I see quality doesn't seem to be an issue with this company, and the quality is really a challenge for them, that's gonna give me some real concern."

You can read Richman's advice every Sunday in the Triad Careers section of the News and Record.

Joyce Richman

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