Joyce Richman's One Minute Career Check

6:34 AM, Nov 30, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - When you're going out on job interviews don't get hung up on your old title or salary.  In today's One Minute Career Check, consultant Joyce Richman tells you how to get around those topics during your next job interview.

Joyce says different job seekers will call her and say, "Well, I'm worried I can't get a job because I was earning too much, or I had too big a title or too much responsibility or the employers is going to be threatened by me thinking I'm going to want his job."

Joyce says change that frame and go about it this way. If you were laid off because your salary was greater than a company was able to sustain over time, than you need to say that.
And in saying that, you can say, "I had to get used to the new normal.  I've had to adjust what my own salary expectations are given what companies are able to afford now."

So instead of being hung up on your last salary or your last title or any of the benefits or perks that went with it, focus on how you can make a difference for the company.  Focus on what  the company's needs are, how you can meet and exceed those particular expectations.  You can always talk about salary later.

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